I think of each of you daily, maybe several times daily, with gratitude for your individual, friendly, professional pro-motion with my injured right arm. It is fun and amazing that after such a long period of uselessness, that everyday now I feel just a bit of advancements towards "normalcy" and function with this arm.

Now with that arm, I enjoy the simple pleasures of:

  • Opening or closing the car door
  • Putting my purse on the seat next to me in the car
  • Unfastening my seatbelt
  • Dressing myself
  • Reaching into my right pocket
  • Washing my hair with both hands
  • Petting the dog with acceptable motion
  • And many more taken for granted movements.

I appreciate the passion the each of you share in helping people. I'm glad to have been a recipient of your gifts.

-Mary V. July 20, 2012