Thank you! As you know, I sustained a serious Grade II right calf injury during a running practice five weeks and four days ago. It was a spectacular, sudden injury, preventing me from running even a step and walking without pain. A week later, my calf was the color of a rainbow and I came to see you. 

I am convinced that your excellent treatment and the home exercise program you selected for me helped me walk without pain within days, and that you turned a four to eight week injury into one that lasted a little over three weeks. I should have come in sooner. Just as impactful as your treatment, however, was your excellent guidance on how i could best return to running safely and minimize risk of reinjury and, eventually, how i might be able to complete my sports event, the 15.5 mile River Bank Run. With your guidance on my mind often, I proceeded on a day to day basis. At first, I couldn't run more than 20 seconds without pain causing me to need to walk and stretch. As the days passed, and with your continued assistance and treatment, I added some long, slow miles. I decided to try the race. 

Earlier today, I finished my 32nd River Bank Run, thanks to you. My time was just two minutes slower than last year, faster than a number of my previous times. If I wouldn't have seen you, I would have taken eight weeks off, missed my event, and who knows what type of problems I might have had in returning to running without your help. 

I have considered your thoughts that perhaps I am a fast healer and I have largely discarded them. I will take credit, however, for being coachable. 

So, thanks to you and your staff, to Whitney and Caroline, and I think Robin's gait analysis and shoe guidance is still helping, too. Thanks to everybody at The Center for all your help for me, my family, and many of my teammates over all the years. Keep up the good work. 

-John Petrovich