I broke my fibula in January 2013, had surgery and was 10 weeks non-weight bearing. When the cast was removed in April I was told I was weight bearing immediately and given a prescription for physical therapy, but was advised I didn't have to do the therapy.

I chose to do rehabilitation at The Center for Physical Rehabilitation because the only time I was comfortable was in the boot I got from the surgeon the day I had the cast removed. I had Chris, Denise and Patti as my therapists and I cannot say anything negative about my experience. I went to therapy for 5 weeks including pool therapy for 3 weeks.

My range of motion in my ankle improved vastly and I am no longer limping. I am also committed to doing the home exercises. I also try to walk 1-2 miles 5 days a week which I never thought I would do again. I highly recommend the Center for Physical Rehabilitation and I highly recommend that if you are given the choice to have therapy or not, HAVE THERAPY!! 

-Edie Landman