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Skin Lesion Identification & Management

As we near the end of wrestling season, and enter into spring where sporting equipement can get wet and dirty, educate yourself on their different skin lesions that athletes are exposed to and how to manage them. This Month's Sports Medicine Tip from athletic training Alex Salinas discusses what you need to know about common skin lesions in athletics. 

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Resistance Band Exercises

Resistance band exercises are great for athletes on the go! Check out this ATC Tip by athletic trainer and strength and conditioning specialist Jess VandenBerg.

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Mental Stress

ATC Tip of the month by athletic trainer and advid runner Alex Salinas talks about keeping your mental stress in check on race (or game) day! 

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ATC Tip of the Month from athletic trainer Joe Chiaramonte provides a full body foam rolling routine, great for pre and post work out! 

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