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Pitching Strength Exercises

While on the mound this season, incorporate these position specific, full body strength and stability exercises that will help improve your pitching performance and reduce your risk of injury.

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Shin Splints

It's that time of year again, when runners and track athletes hit the pavement. Along with running, we often hear of associated shin pain, commonly called shin splints. Read our latest Sports Med Tip by ATC Sadie Morway discussing ways to prevent and treat shin splints. 

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Need for Sleep

Sleep is a vital part of health, especially for athletes who are trying to heal and recover from activity. This month's Sports Med Tip from Alex Salinas MS, AT, ATC discusses the need for sleep. 

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Skin Lesion Identification & Management

As we near the end of wrestling season, and enter into spring where sporting equipement can get wet and dirty, educate yourself on their different skin lesions that athletes are exposed to and how to manage them. This Month's Sports Medicine Tip from athletic training Alex Salinas discusses what you need to know about common skin lesions in athletics. 

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Return to Learn

A big hurdle in overcoming a concussion for student athletes is returning to normal school participation. Read our Latest Sports Med Tip from athletic trainer Steve Retan who discusses why a Return to Learn program is important for schools to have in place.

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The Shoulder Labrum

We all hear people talk about "injuring their labrum", but what does that actually mean? What is the labrum in the shoulder,  and how can we prevent it from being injured? Read our latest Sports Med Tip by ATC Anne Slater to learn more!

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