High definition video analyzes your throw

Throwers Athletic Performance uses biomechanical principals and high definition video to analyze, identify, and eliminate flaws to improve performance and decrease the risk of throwing injuries. The Center’s highly trained staff, with over 30 years of experience, developed TAP based on the evaluation and throwing protocols of Dr. James Andrews and his rehab team.

Emulating Elite Training Programs

Our staff has over 30 years combined experience working with athletes at all levels, from Little League to Major League and even Olympians. The PT-CPR team holds advanced degrees in physical therapy with an emphasis on sports medicine and exercise science.

Complement To Coaching

We work with coaches at all levels helping them understand the physiological role of throwing. Our program is the perfect complement, providing more individualized attention to the biomechanics of throwing.

Who Can Refer Athletes?

Coaches, parents, physical therapists, physicians and other healthcare professionals. TAP may also be used as part of a physical therapy program if you have sustained an injury or pain during throwing.

Who Would Benefit From TAP?

  • Throwing athletes at any level experiencing pain during throwing.
  • Beginner throwers wanting to learn to throw safely and pain-free.
  • Advanced throwers interested in capitalizing on strengths and overcoming flaws.

Throwing Evaluation Includes

TAP 450x350 2

  • Breakdown of pitching and/or throwing mechanics using dual high-speed digital cameras.
  • Slow motion review of throwing motion sequences using state-of-the-art computer software.
  • Detailed mechanics evaluation to maximize each pitch or throw.
  • Recommendations on proper throwing technique for performance enhancement and injury prevention.
  • Individualized selective functional assessment of the thrower’s flexibility and strength of the whole body.
  • Home program instruction for optimal performance including core exercises. 

Cost $130.00/session*
*TAP may also be used as part of a physical therapy program if you have sustained an injury or pain during throwing.

Further Enhancement Available

  • Personal training sessions
  • Throwing and training workouts
  • Sports psychology and nutrition
  • Physical rehabilitation