Fitness for Life

Stay in shape after your therapy

Who is eligible for Fitness for Life?

Patients who have been discharged from any of our four locations are eligible to utilize the Fitness for Life program.

What hours can I work out?

M-F 7am - 6pm (lunch hour is 1-2). Please avoid coming during lunch hour and also try to arrive one hour before closing.

How much does Fitness for Life cost?

The cost is $45/month. There are no membership fees or length of time required to stay. Simply use the facility at your convenience.

What if my spouse wants to work out?

Spouses are eligible to become part of our Fitness for Life program for an additional fee. Monthly payments are $80/month per couple.

What if I will be away for awhile and want to start up my Fitness for Life program at a later date?

Months are prorated should you start in the middle or need to stop early. You may also pick up your Fitness for Life status at a later date should vacations, illness or something else get in the way of your attendance.

Do I have to use only the equipment I used while in therapy?

All equipment is available to be utilized. Therapists and aides are also available should questions about new exercises or stretching techniques arise. Do not feel that you are restricted to exercises you used during therapy.

What are some concerns I should let people know about at The Center should I decide to join?

As with any fitness program, always be sure to let someone know of any health history that may inhibit exercise such as heart problems, asthma, diabetes, seizures, medications, and any previous injuries. Also, be sure to let someone know of your previous reasons for coming to physical therapy as some pieces of equipment may not be appropriate to use.