Physical Therapist

Name: Chad Morris
Credentials: Certified in Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment (McKenzie Method)
My official Title: Clinic Manager Northwest Office, Director of Workers Compensation Services
Specialize In or Special Training In: Video Gait Analysis, Spine rehab
I have been with CPR since: 2006
Hometown (where I grew up): Niles, MI

The most rewarding part of my job is when a patient finally has the lightbulb moment – when they see what they do at home, work, during their day affects how they feel and are able to control their symptoms with modification of these and performing their prescribed home program. When they finally see the connection between what they do and their symptoms.

My greatest professional accomplishments are receiving my credentialing for MDT and offering my patients a comprehensive approach to assessing their symptoms and helping to actually address the problem.

I chose to work at CPR because I was a student at CPR and was then offered a job after I finished school. This is where I learned so much and wanted to continue my training at the best facility with a focus on manual therapy in an atmosphere that encourages life-long learning.

Chad 2When I am not at work, I am spending time with my family, enjoying the multiple activities in which my kids are involved, running.

My very first job was working as a stocker at a supermarket.

Four Quick Facts About Me:
1. I collect transformers
2. Enjoy playing video games especially anything made by Blizzard
3. I am an Eagle Scout
4. I am a big Disney fan