Things to know 

Inflammation (Part 1)

shutterstock 98371751 reducedThroughout the day the body is constantly being bombarded with substances that can trigger inflammation.  Inflammation is not all bad, like when the body responds to an injury with swelling and blood clots to form a scab or to heal a bone.  But rather exposure to irritants like mold, pollen, chemicals, even foods that the body thinks is a threat to its’ health.  Read more here about how diet can help control inflammation in your body! 

The Protein Bar

RS1966 shutterstock 189234521When it comes to a quick on the go snack that can keep your energy up and stave off cravings, the protein bar is the way to go. Check out these links for some great homemade recipes to help ditch the extra sugar and additives!  


RS2733 iStock 000003176288XLargeIf you are at all interested in looking into what can be beneficial for assisting in good health, the use of probiotics is a hot topic as of late.  A probiotic is“good for you” bacteria as well as specific yeast found in some foods and supplements. Click here for some quick tips on whether or not a probiotic is right for you! 




Carbohydrates and You

pastaHave questions about carbohydrates and when and how to encorporate them into your diet? 

Click here for more information!