Human Resources and Accounting 

 Name: Stacy Ehrlich

Credentials- BS, MSA

Office Title- Acounting & Billing Specialist

I have been with CPR since April 2015

Hometown- Grand Rapids, MI

The best thing about CPR is the friendly work environment.

Why I chose to work at CPR- I was looking to join a company who views health and wellness as a top priority, and I found it! Not only does CPR promote wellness through Physical Therapy and other programs they offer, but the staff members take a strong interest in their own fitness, which is wonderful to see.

A good weekend includes – Time with my family watching movies, playing tennis, going shopping, or just relaxing at home.

When I’m, not at work, I’m home with my family, or out watching them participate in sports, including swimming, volleyball and tennis.

My very first job was working for a kids clothing store in Cascade. I ate many suckers at the counter while waiting for people to stop in and shop for their kids. It was kind of an expensive store, and unfortunately did not last there very long. Maybe it was because I ate all their candy.

Four Quick facts about me:

  1. I am a breast cancer survivor
  2. I’ve adopted two black labs in the past few years, one of them is from Beruit!
  3. I love to play tennis, and am really enjoying watching my youngest daughter embrace the sport!
  4. My favorite books are anything by Jodie Piccout, Harlan Coben, and Gillian Flynn.