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Injury at 40- My Road to recovery

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Cheryl SchwietersAt age 40 I was working out, ironically performing exercises for a dynamic warmup for runners (because we should all take time to stretch, not just at age 40) when I heard and felt a very loud “POP”. Almost immediately I went down to the floor with some pretty incredible pain in my right foot. Now, I have been through multiple broken bones, two cesarean sections, and a torn and reconstructed anterior cruciate ligament. By far this was the worst pain I had ever felt. Most of you may be thinking, ruptured achilles tendon, right? Nope, torn plantar fascia - eeww. The dreaded words, plantar fascia. If you are a runner or involved in any activity where you have incurred injury to this area, I am sure you will agree, recovery is quite a feat. Fasciitis can last months and tearing it is not much better. There is not an easy way to fix the fascia as it is a thin sheath of connective tissue designed to assist tissue giving it more stability and strength.

RS2702 iStock 000007147480XSmallThere are 4 ways that you can imporve your health daily, they are free and easily attainable! To help you remember these 4 tips, just think PLAW!

RS1966 shutterstock 189234521 Did you know that many foods can decrease or increase inflammation and help to decrease pain?  It is important to try and maintain a healthy diet, especially while healing after an injury or surgery.  Most people think they should cut back on calories since they are less active or are tempted to eat more unhealthy comfort foods while being stuck at home recovering, but this will not help speed up the recovery process.

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Early Intervention is the Key to Success

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Ben EgglestonThe relationship between longevity of symptoms and healing time is of reciprocal proportion. The longer a person has symptoms, the longer it takes to relieve those symptoms. In my experience, this holds true most of the time. I’m not solely talking about musculoskeletal pain either.  I am talking about all pathologies.

            I was diagnosed with hypertension a few years ago. I was extremely fit and very conscious of diet at the time. That has changed slightly as I am a new father and attending school while working. Nonetheless, my doctor decided it was related to genetics, as most of my family is hypertensive. The point I want to make with this is that I could have continued with slightly elevated blood pressure for a while because I had no contributing factors other than genetics. Instead, with the guidance of my doctor, we decided to employ a very low dose chemical intervention. This decision was made because hypertension is a precursor to cardiovascular disease; even with slightly elevated blood pressure, especially if it is high for a very long time. I think I was 29 at the time and planned on living a long time as we all do. Because I sought early intervention, I have significantly reduced my risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Now I also must make sure I am maintaining a healthy lifestyle in order to keep my blood pressure stable.

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