Anne Slater 4First, you should know that I am not what one would call a “weekend warrior.” It’s true that I have not been in my true peak physical condition since my days participating in high school sports. That said, I stay pretty active playing team sports in adult rec leagues; I play volleyball every chance I can get, I am always willing to jump into a pick-up game of ultimate Frisbee, or join a game of Spikeball at the beach.  I’m in what I call “volleyball shape.” I rarely run voluntarily. When I was asked to sub for a soccer league by a coworker, I was not trying to relive the glory days; I thought, here’s an opportunity to get some cardio and have fun at the same time.

Mindy SimonI have been very fortunate to have worked as a Physical Therapist for the past thirteen years for this wonderful company. I think most of my colleagues, myself included, became a PT so they can help people improve their lives by enhancing their function. Hopefully, most of us have a strong sense of empathy that lets us look at a physical problem from your patient’s perspective; what their goals and needs are should always take precedence over what I think their goals should be. Just when a person (me) thinks she is pretty good at being an empathetic person, life and God have a way of showing you that you can always improve…

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My Wild Ride to 25

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AllisonFew words can adequately describe the feeling you get when you cross a finish line. Whether it’s the line you run over when you finish a race, the line you sign when you buy your first house, or the invisible line of accomplishment you cross when your child is finally potty trained, each finish line brings an intense feeling of satisfaction, accomplishment, and strength.
This spring I set out to cross a new finish line. Having run the Grand Rapids Riverbank Run 10k race last year, I decided the 25k would be the logical choice for this year, right? Despite the sore muscles, dreaded early morning runs, many blisters, and worn out tennis shoes, I finally managed to cross the 25k finish line!
Along the way, I learned 4 important lessons. Whether you’re setting out to train for a race or have some other goal in mind, use these tips to help you on your journey to the finish line.

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Injury at 40- My Road to recovery

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Cheryl SchwietersAt age 40 I was working out, ironically performing exercises for a dynamic warmup for runners (because we should all take time to stretch, not just at age 40) when I heard and felt a very loud “POP”. Almost immediately I went down to the floor with some pretty incredible pain in my right foot. Now, I have been through multiple broken bones, two cesarean sections, and a torn and reconstructed anterior cruciate ligament. By far this was the worst pain I had ever felt. Most of you may be thinking, ruptured achilles tendon, right? Nope, torn plantar fascia - eeww. The dreaded words, plantar fascia. If you are a runner or involved in any activity where you have incurred injury to this area, I am sure you will agree, recovery is quite a feat. Fasciitis can last months and tearing it is not much better. There is not an easy way to fix the fascia as it is a thin sheath of connective tissue designed to assist tissue giving it more stability and strength.

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