Hannah DeClarkAre you sitting down? We have something important to tell you. Do you sit all day for your job? It is estimated that 86% of Americans spend the majority of their work day sitting. If you come home and watch television or relax on the couch, then you are spending additional time sitting. The average American can spend up to 10-13 hours a day sitting.

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Yoga: A Health and Wellness Revolution

Yoga was first practiced in India thousands of years ago and has become a popular form of exercise recently in the United States, which is no surprise since there are numerous health benefits while engaging the mind, body, and spirit. Some main benefits of yoga are:CPR staff doing yoga!

  • Increased muscle strength and tone
  • Improved energy levels
  • Improved flexibility and balance while focusing on engaging core muscles that support the spine
  • Can help manage stress and help you focus while decreasing blood pressure  
  • Improved sleep
  • Yoga also focuses on slow breathing and incorporating meditation which can improve a person’s overall well-being


Yoga is not just slow movements anymore, there are many different types of yoga offered at different studios in the area.  A few yoga studios are highlighted below with the different types of classes they offer:

Cascade Yoga located in the same building as our main Center for Physical Rehabilitation clinic, just west of Spaulding Rd!  They offer many different classes such as:

  • Gentle yoga: This class is great for someone that is older or less mobile looking for slower yoga, focusing on balance. 
  • Vinyasa: This type of yoga is for people that are intermediate and advanced, this class combines a series of postures while focusing on breathing techniques.  This class also focuses on building strength, releasing tension and calming the mind.
  • Hot yoga: This class is practiced in a heated room up to 80 degrees! Hot yoga has many great benefits as well such as:
  • Achieving an even deeper level of stretching
  • Sweating out more toxins
  • Feeling some warmth, even for an hour at a time during these cold winter months
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GolfSo, why is fitness training for golf so important, even for someone who only plays a few times a year?  In 2006 and 2007 I have had the opportunity to participate in 2 of the 3 levels for golf fitness training at the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI).  TPI was initially designed to help train professional athletes from all over the world who played the game of golf.  Dr. Greg Rose and David Phillips, both cofounders of TPI, developed a program that would help those training golf clients even at an amateur or novice level.   I have gone through 2 of the 3 levels for the golf fitness program.  The first level is based on the general evaluation of a golfer through video feedback or tests that are done to help determine the physical limitations as well as the mechanics of the golf swing.  The second level is a more advance track and more specific to fitness training for golf.  TPI is a organized with many professionals involved in the medical, fitness, nutrition and biomechanical fields.  Together they help contribute to the success of many golfers at all levels.

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