cprcascadejune 147My name is Adam Nelson, and I have been newly hired by the Center for Physical Rehabilitation in Grand Rapids, Michigan as the Strength and Conditioning Coach at Grand Rapids Catholic Central High School. I am eager to begin building upon the athletic tradition at CC, as well as contributing to the mission of CPR when it comes to exceeding the expectations of my athletes and the coaches I work with. I could not have asked to be associated with two better organizations.

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Questions to Ask Before Choosing Surgery

Tom GustafsonHaving surgery can be an intimidating process. There are so many factors to consider: Is this procedure right for me? What do I need to do leading up to surgery? What do I need to do after surgery? What are realistic expectations? Often as patients, we enter into the initial appointment with our surgeons with wide eyes, absorbing only a fraction of what is said to us, and then walking out with only a fraction of the confidence we’d like to have.

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Cheryl SchwietersStress….just saying the word elevates my blood pressure sometimes. But did you know thatstress is a natural process that occurs within our body and can have positive and negative effects? When working properly it is our body’s natural way of protecting us. It allows us to stay focused energetic and alert. Whether it be staying on task to finish a big project or mustering up enough strength to sprint to an emergency and somehow lift a car off a pinned child.

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Tummy Time Positions

Mindy SimonThe American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies are placed on their backs for sleeping and on their tummies for supervised play time as part of their daily routine. So many of our carriers, including car seats, car seat stroller combos, bouncers and swings put our kids into a supine (aka, on their backs) position and make it more challenging to incorporate tummy time into your day.  As a PT, I was that person who was making my babies start their tummy time as soon as we were home from the hospital. My oldest and middle child were fairly content with what I referred to as classic tummy time, on their stomachs with maybe a receiving blanket rolled up under their chests and me on the floor in front of them. Then, along came my youngest child, who is also profoundly deaf.

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