Today’s world is fast paced with many distractions and little time to relax; making it easy for us to forget what our bodies may need. However the devices that cause so many distractions are now allowing us to track our personal health habits and are helping to promote more healthy lifestyles. At the press of a button there are hundreds of free applications to download to your smartphone etc. that show us what foods are the best to eat, sleeping habits, general overall health and much more. The following are a few applications that can help you get started with tracking and improving your general health. They are accessible on the go and best of all they are FREE.

91e195beda470450c1668aa223906237Moves app


This application tracks your every move throughout the day and calculates the amount of calories burned based on your mode of movement, whether it be walking, running or cycling

6012438145632e7ea3ce6b10266dbb63Nike app

Nike + Running

This app tracks your running distance, pace, time and calories burned. It also has the option to share your stats with a friend, receive motivational reminders to help you achieve your goals, and daily workouts.

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Have a Jolly, Less Jiggly Holiday!

I love this time of year.  My family always gets a little bounce in their step.  We have school concerts, family gatherings, sneaky gift planning, and all the running around needed to accomplish these things.  It’s a hectic time full of conflicting emotions and lots to do.  It’s also the most intimidating time of year from a fitness stand point.  We have temptations galore on the calorie front and less time to squeeze in exercise.  I have tried all kinds of ways to combat the holiday pitfalls from treat abstinence to exercise frenzies with varied levels of success.  I have also just ditched it all and indulged in all the goodies and stopped exercising for a few months with the thought that it would make New Years resolution weight loss easier when I started a healthy lifestyle again.  I can tell you first hand that that thought process, while fun for a while, leaves you with 5 extra pounds and a belly ache until summer. 

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Kick Start A Healthier Lifestyle

Summer is a great time to get fit and eat healthy.  The short, cold, snowy days have passed and the sun is finally shining!  There are a lot of affordable fresh fruits and veggies available and the Michigan weather is finally allowing us to get outside! In terms of exercise, the American Heart Association (AHA) recommends 30 minutes of mild to moderate exercise 5 days per week.  This can be broken down into 10 or 15 minute increments.  I recommend simply starting with walking.  It's fun, free, low impact and most everyone can tolerate it.  In terms of intensity, you should be working out at your target heart rate which is about 50-85% of your maximum heart rate.  Your maximum heart rate is about 220 minus your age.  There is a great chart you can find on the AHA website,  In addition, this website has a lot of great information about diet and exercise.  It’s definitely a great source of reliable information.

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