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Do you ever find yourself sitting in a slumped position while at work or driving in the car?  Most people tend to slouch after sitting a prolonged period of time due to having a weaker core or letting their back muscles relax instead of holding them up to have good posture. 

To prevent sitting with bad posture, try rolling up a large towel or lumbar roll and place it right behind your lumbar curvature. This can also help reduce some low back pain.  If you are sitting at a desk for long hours during the day it is also beneficial to make sure your computer is at a correct height for you.  A computer that is situated too high can make your shoulder muscles tighten up. 

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It All Starts at the Big Toe

Did you know that unlike your fingers, which all have individual names the big toe or hallux is the only toe to be awarded a name?  All the rest are just named by their location…2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th toe.  Okay, sometimes we refer to the 5th as the “pinkie” but we are really just borrowing from the fingers!  When I think of my toes they tend to work as a team.  They are difficult to individually move and unless you are very skilled, your toes often move together in one big group.  Give it a try – can you pick up your big toe but leave the rest on the floor?  Can you leave your big toe on the ground and pick up the rest? Can you do this without also twisting your ankle inward or outward?  What if I told you that the better control you have at separating and moving your “big toe” from the rest and the greater the flexibility in your toes may solve some of your ailments especially when it pertains to walking and running?

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Could Posture Be Causing Your Back Pain?

Growing up, my parents were always telling my brother "stop slouching!" Although, he viewed this comment as nagging, research proves that this is in fact excellent advice. There is a direct correlation between proper posture and efficient body function during daily activities. Poor posture causes postural stress on the spine, which can lead to headaches, back, neck and shoulder pain. Our environment promotes poor posture because everything we do is in front of us, our body must fight gravity to not hunch over but to sit and stand up right. By becoming aware of the positions that can cause postural stress we can strive to decrease the various triggers of back pain. Take a moment to assess your posture while you are reading this.

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