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Sit Up Straight! Avoid Sitting with Bad Posture

Written by Megan Russo, PTA
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Do you ever find yourself sitting in a slumped position while at work or driving in the car?  Most people tend to slouch after sitting a prolonged period of time due to having a weaker core or letting their back muscles relax instead of holding them up to have good posture. 

To prevent sitting with bad posture, try rolling up a large towel or lumbar roll and place it right behind your lumbar curvature. This can also help reduce some low back pain.  If you are sitting at a desk for long hours during the day it is also beneficial to make sure your computer is at a correct height for you.  A computer that is situated too high can make your shoulder muscles tighten up. 

Some companies are now supplying sit-to-stand desks, which are great to help improve posture during the day.  Sit-to-stand desks can help prevent slouching by alternating each position every couple hours.  If this is not an option for you, try sitting on an unstable swiss ball instead of a chair, which increases core activation while you stabilize yourself.

Another easy modification to sitting all day at work is moving around the office as much as possible.  Try to at least stand and walk around for a couple minutes every hour or so.  If you are unable to walk around, complete seated marches to get your blood flowing. You can also roll your shoulders backward to help improve upper body posture.  Take a minute to clear your mind and refocus on your work while demonstrating good posture. 

Outside of work, increasing the amount of core exercises you complete will help with your sitting posture.  A strong core can help decrease discomfort to your lumbar spine during lifting and sitting.  A few good core exercises to add into your routine are planks, side planks, quadruped raising opposite arm and leg while holding each position about ten seconds.  Remember to focus on breathing during these exercises. Plank

Increasing good sitting posture is easy if you incorporate a few key components to your daily routine.  This is beneficial to help decrease back pain and shoulder tension, while also increasing core strength.  Try remembering to check on your posture a few times during the day to work towards these benefits.  

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