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Youth Strength Training

Written by Joe Chiaramonte AT, ATC, CSCS
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Recent literature and studies have shown incredible evidence in support of Off-Season Strength & Conditioning programs. The Center's contracted schools are continually implementing year-round Strength & Conditioning programs into their school districts, which is helping to reduce incidence of injury and introduce safe, effective, movement patterns to provide all of our athletes a strong base for athletic performance. Here is a blog on the benefits and safety of youth strength training.


Some of the documented and researched findings in support of youth strength training are coming from position statements from the NSCA, ACSM, AAP, AOSSM and MAYO Clinic. These statements are in favor of fundamental strength and fitness training that will prepare athletes for multi sport success with added benefits including:

            • Creating healthy body composition when training in conjunction with a healthy diet
            • Helping promote healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels
            • Increasing muscular strength, power and endurance essential for sports performance
            • Strengthening bones
            • Helping to reduce incidence of injury in sport and recreational activities

Along with the physical benefits of a proper strength and conditioning program, our athletes are seeing psychological and social benefits, not limited to: confidence, self-esteem, teamwork, character, sportsmanship, self worth, healthy body image, mental toughness and community spirit and camaraderie.


When thinking about safely training youth athletes, it’s important to remember that they are not miniature adults. Many children don’t possess the neuromuscular capacity to do even simple movements like squatting or bending properly, let alone loading them with external load and weights. Progressing athletes at their own pace through basic movement patterns and then beginning to load the correct movements can offer the best results.

First and foremost, seek out qualified and certified professionals to initiate programming that is age appropriate for the goals of the athlete. A proper medical screening is indicated before any training takes place to identify medical abnormalities or orthopedic deficits.

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We, at the Center, promote year round multi-sport participation for our student athletes and encourage down time for rest and recovery from sport to allow the musculoskeletal and cardiorespiratory systems a chance to accommodate the ever-growing demands of today’s athlete, and avoid overuse or overtraining.

If you have a young athlete that could benefit from a Strength and Conditioning Program, The Academy will  be starting a class specifically for 12-15 year olds on January 5th, click here for more information. 

For more information for all your therapy and fitness needs at The Center for Physical Rehabilitation and The Academy for Sports & Wellness, please check out www.pt-cpr.com or call (616) 954-0950. 

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