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Yoga: A Health and Wellness Revolution

Written by Meghan Peters
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Yoga was first practiced in India thousands of years ago and has become a popular form of exercise recently in the United States, which is no surprise since there are numerous health benefits while engaging the mind, body, and spirit. Some main benefits of yoga are:

  • Increased muscle strength and tone
  • Improved energy levels
  • Improved flexibility and balance while focusing on engaging core muscles that support the spine
  • Can help manage stress and help you focus while decreasing blood pressure  
  • Improved sleep
  • Yoga also focuses on slow breathing and incorporating meditation which can improve a person’s overall well-being

Yoga is not just slow movements anymore, there are many different types of yoga offered at different studios in the area.  A few yoga studios are highlighted below with the different types of classes they offer:

Cascade Yoga located in the same building as our main Center for Physical Rehabilitation clinic, just west of Spaulding Rd!  They offer many different classes such as:

  • Gentle yoga: This class is great for someone that is older or less mobile looking for slower yoga, focusing on balance. 
  • Vinyasa: This type of yoga is for people that are intermediate and advanced, this class combines a series of postures while focusing on breathing techniques.  This class also focuses on building strength, releasing tension and calming the mind.
  • Hot yoga: This class is practiced in a heated room up to 80 degrees!  

Hot yoga has many great benefits as well such as:

  • Achieving an even deeper level of stretching
  • Sweating out more toxins
  • Feeling some warmth, even for an hour at a time during these cold winter months

Inspire Yoga located on Baldwin St. in Jenison offers classes at convenient time throughout the day during the week and also on the weekend.  Also, your first class at the studio is free!  They offer:

  • Yoga for Basics: A great class to learn correct form for postures with good instructions and modifications if needed.
  • Strength/Fitness Yoga:A traditional yoga practice, focusing on strength, endurance, and balance.  This class has a faster pace to it, but is still perfect for entry level and above, modifications are offered for each pose.
  • BUTI Yoga: This type of yoga incorporates dance based cardio intervals with plyometric and conditioning circuits along with deep stretching which helps decrease body fat and tone muscles.

Renew Yoga Studio located in Rockford.  Renew started Prenatal Yoga in 2012 with the hope to inspire, connect, and empower women in pregnancy, birth, and motherhood.

They offer several different types of yoga classes such as:

  • Prenatal: This class is great for pregnant women in all stages of pregnancy and with all levels of yoga experience.  This class focuses on strengthening the muscles that support your baby during pregnancy and labor.
  • Restorative Yoga: This class is great if you are looking for gentle flowing movement, working on correct posture, decreasing tension and increasing energy levels.
  • Bring Your Own Baby Yoga: The class offers a chance for moms to connect with other new moms and is a place to find a warm, supportive community which can be key during the postpartum period!

The Funky Buddha has one location in Holland, and two locations in Grand Rapids which offers hot yoga in 95 degree rooms, which has become very popular with yoga enthusiasts!  They offer great packages and different classes such as:

  • Funky Buddha Basics: A fun informative and interactive class.
  • Funky Buddha Slow Flow: This class is designed to make you slow down and hold poses longer, while focusing on deep breathing.
  • Funky Buddha Power Vinyasa: A great class to cross-train, improve mental focus while losing weight and building strength.
  • Funky Buddha Community Class:  This class is offered on Sunday nights and is a great class to move, breathe, and sweat!

Yoga is great for all ages and athletic abilities since each exercise can be modified specifically for you!

Winter is the perfect time of year to try out a new form of indoor exercise such as yoga, especially since there are many great yoga studios in the area!

Remember that the benefits of yoga can be long lasting and beneficial for everyone! 

For more information on each yoga studio check out their websites:





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