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Staying Active Year Round

Written by Carolyn Murray, DPT
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We can’t deny it, cold weather is (unfortunately) just around the corner. Some of you may love this touch of cold weather and are inspired to be outside.  Others may have already started preparing for or began hibernation. Regardless, Older woman and younger woman walking resmany of you will soon begin to struggle with staying active and fit when this long, cold, hard winter strikes again in West Michigan. This blog edition is to inform readers on ways to stay active and engage in adequate exercise when the weather is less encouraging of healthy, active lifestyles. If staying healthy is important you, there is bound to be a way our team can help you reach your goals.

Staying Active

Each season offers its own variety of ways for you to engage in exercise. For those of you who are looking to remain active this season, there are many ways to do so even when leaves and snow are on the ground. Activities such as raking leaves, shoveling the snow, using the stairs at home, or walking at the local mall are simple ways to get exercise. These are activities you can do to increase your heart rate and in turn burn some extra calories that so many of us consume during the cold-weather season. Other ideas include participating in a winter hobby like snow hiking, downhill or cross country skiing, working out at a gym, or using an exercise video to get moving. Pick an activity you enjoy and get started! The reason most fail to remain active and fit is because they don’t engage in activity that is fun for them to participate.  Set goals for yourself to help stay on track and instead of catching the winter blues, you can remain motivated to stay fit, year-round.

If you’re looking for more direction or personal training options, you can stop by one of our four locations and ask about our Fitness for Life membership. For a monthly flat rate, you can use the equipment at one of our gyms and get help from a physical therapist or trainer with structuring a focused exercise program. Besides the gym, most locations have access to a pool that is open to the public at a minimal additional cost. We offer a friendly environment that will help you stay fit throughout the entire year.    

If walking is more your style, join The Center in our annual pedometer  “ Stepping it up Challenge” during the winter.  Each of us strive to reach 10,000 steps (about 5 miles) per day.  You can achieve these steps with simple household activities (i.e. shoveling snow or vacuuming) or with sport activity such as swimming, biking, or running.  Click here for a convenient and helpful activity-to-step conversion chart.  If you are a looking for something more advanced than a pedometer to track your activity, the new Fitbits are great tools to motivate you to stay active by tracking activity, seeing trends and reaching your goals.

Programs Offered

The Center for Physical Rehabilitation team offers many ways for athletes to enhance their performance. The winter is the offseason for many sports including baseball, cross-country, track, biking and golf.  The Center’s specialty programs can help you reach your full potential utilizing trained professionals to analyze your performance and provide you individualized, structured exercises to boost your performance and reduce the chance of injury during your off season.  This winter, take advantage of the programs we offer including: Bike Fit, Swimmer analysis, TAP (Throwers Athletic Performance), Video Gait analysis, or TPI Golf fitness instruction.

Hopefully this blog encourages readers to stay active and motivated when the snow piles high.

Written by:

Carolyn Murray, DPT in collaboration with Dan Hanks, SPT

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