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Have a Jolly, Less Jiggly Holiday!

Written by Kelly VanKampen
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I love this time of year.  My family always gets a little bounce in their step.  We have school concerts, family gatherings, sneaky gift planning, and all the running around needed to accomplish these things.  It’s a hectic time full of conflicting emotions and lots to do.  It’s also the most intimidating time of year from a fitness stand point.  We have temptations galore on the calorie front and less time to squeeze in exercise.  I have tried all kinds of ways to combat the holiday pitfalls from treat abstinence to exercise frenzies with varied levels of success.  I have also just ditched it all and indulged in all the goodies and stopped exercising for a few months with the thought that it would make New Years resolution weight loss easier when I started a healthy lifestyle again.  I can tell you first hand that that thought process, while fun for a while, leaves you with 5 extra pounds and a belly ache until summer. 

Here are some successful tips I’ve learned through the years to combat the holiday pitfalls to a healthy lifestyle:

1.  Exercise!   It’s hard to fit it in with shorter day light hours and extra demands on time but Exercise makes us happy and more productive.  Physical activity stimulates various brain chemicals that leave you feeling happy and relaxed.  It boosts energy by delivering oxygen and nutrients to your tissues to help you get everything done.  Exercise also gives you confidence and self-esteem too which can add to your holiday swagger.

2.  Be realistic in your expectations.  Probably not a good time to try to loose those extra 5 pounds form last year, maybe just try to maintain your current weight.

3.  Get organized.  Acknowledge that the hectic pace will effect your schedule.  Be creative and intentional in your time management.  Be flexible in fitting things in and ask for help in getting things done.

4.  Plan for some cheat days.  If you pad your expectations, those tuff days wont derail your whole plan.  If you miss a day, tomorrow is a new day.

5.  Find ways to stay accountable.  Find a buddy, sign up for a fitness event, or join a corporate wellness program at work.

SO..get moving and have a Jolly Holiday!



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