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Protecting Yourself and Others During The Flu Season

Written by Matt Miller
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Protecting Yourself and Others During The Flu Season

As we head into the winter season we often think about what comes around this time of year such as SNOW, holiday traditions, spending time with family and friends and wonderfully cooked meals. But there is one thing that is always associated with this time of year that makes life miserable, the FLU.

Here are a few helpful hints that could help prevent you and others from getting sick or if you do get sick, how to get better soon. These are easy steps to follow and implement at anytime you get the flu.

Ø One of the most important and easiest tips to follow, and should be done on a regular basis, is washing your hands frequently. The flu virus can be easily spread through droplets when you sneeze or when blowing your nose. Avoid putting your fingers in or near your mouth as well as rubbing your eyes.

Ø Be sure to get plenty of sleep at night otherwise lack of sleep can slow down your immune system from working efficiently.

Ø Eating healthy foods such as: almonds, peanuts, fruits, peppers, broccoli or any food rich in vitamin C and E. These foods help improve the immune system. Avoid foods that have high sugar content.

Ø Staying hydrated will also help decrease the possibility of getting the flu. Sometimes drinking warmer fluids of inhaling steam maybe more beneficial in keeping the flu from spreading to the upper respiratory tract.

Ø Exercising on a regular basis can help to stimulate the immune system, lower stress levels and promote better sleep at night.

Ø If you happen to get the flu, rest is the best option. Increased activity can often make things worse.

Ø If symptoms continue to worsen after a few days make an appointment to see your Dr. and get tit treated as it has the potential of turning into something serious such as pneumonia.

We come into contact with many people throughout the day whether at work, school and at home and these preventative measures can help reduce the risk of getting or giving the flu.

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