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Common Dysfunction In Runners Can Be Easily Identified Using Video During Gait Analysis

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Video gait analysis is found to be very beneficial to runners and sports medicine professionals as it can slow down the running motion over 1000 frames per minute.

The human eye is able to capture and process 30 frames per second often missing important dysfunctions in the gait cycle of runners. A common dysfunction seen in runners is contralateral hip drop causing excessive hip adduction and internal rotation at the femur. In non-medical terms, this means when the runner lands onto one leg, the opposite hip is dropping and the stance leg is moving inward excessively. When this occurs, there is a significant risk of overuse injuries.

Several research articles have been published demonstrating runners with these characteristics are more likely to suffer iliotibial (IT) band injuries, stress fractures, and patelofemoral pain (knee pain). (Milner et al. 2005; Milner et al. 2010; Ferber et al. 2003; Ferber et al. 2010) Learn what your running mechanics look like during a complete biomechanical assessment and video running gait analysis from head to toe in multiple views to identify potential injury risk or determine why you may be having pain during running by making an appointment now….

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