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Anti-Inflammatory Diet?

Written by Cheryl
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Have you ever wondered what you could do to help your body deal with pain and inflammation from the inside?  We do our best to follow the proper channels our doctors and therapists set for course of treatment regarding exercise, stretching, posture and certain medicine but have thought about the food you are ingesting and how it may be affecting your healing process?

It’s no surprise that there are millions of diets out there claiming to help loose weight but there are also great ones that may affect inflammation.  One idea is the anti-inflammatory diet.  This is rather a concept than a true spelled out diet.  Chronic inflammation has been shown to be the root of many serious illnesses those of which include heart disease, Alzheimer’s, many cancers, and has been linked to arthritis.

Normally when we think of inflammation we think of an area of the body that is red, swollen, hot and painful.  This lets us know our body has recognized a need for healing and is bringing a proper metabolic response to aid in process of fighting infection and injury.  However, when inflammation persists due to stress, exercise (too much or too little), and exposure to toxins such as tobacco, it serves no purpose and can lead to chronic inflammation.  According to experts like Barry Sears, MD and author of The Zone diet and Andrew Weil, MD, Harvard-trained natural and preventive medicine physician, food can play a large roll as well.

A typical American diet is one that houses a high amount of processed foods and red meat.  These as well as high fat dairy, sugar and salt can cause the body  to be unbalanced, thus causing inflammation and brining on poor health.  Conversely, eating to promote a health lifestyle can ward off ill effects, reduce inflammation and produce wellbeing.

Tips for beginning an anti-inflammatory diet:

  • Chose lean proteins
  • Eliminate bad fats
  • Opt for whole foods
  • Get your fruits and veggies
  • Reduce sugar
  • Use herbs
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