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CPR in the Community

Written by Brian Gilbert PT, MSPT, OCS, Cert. MDT
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Brian GilbertI have been working as a Physical Therapist in the Forest Hills area for 17 years now. I’ve seen a lot change over the years especially in the health care arena during this time. What I’ve come to appreciate during this is the consistency of our communities in which we serve. Here at The Center for Physical Rehabilitation we have worked alongside many schools and organizations to deepen our connections to the people we live with and work with. Many may not know that we have provided the Athletic Training services to all the Forest Hills Schools. We also do this for Byron Center schools, Catholic Central, and Cornerstone University.

I truly love being a part of my community and working with so many of my friends and colleagues around the area. I try to help provide information and assistance to all that I treat and those I can educate and encourage to live a happier life by way of how they feel and exercise. It is so important to take responsibility for our health as costs go up each year. The more we can take responsibility for our own health and wellness the better we are as a society.

12022385 10153571748928076 233234349714870057 oI personally work very closely with Cornerstone University to provide another set of eyes to the athletes there. I go to CU each week and help both Hannah DeClark ATC, and Phil Keith ATC in managing their athlete’s needs. I also live in the Forest Hills Eastern District and have been a resource for this are for a number of years. It is so fun to be able to work with people from the area that you live. You get to follow up on them and see them get back to action and cheer them on as they represent the school that your kids may go to. That is fun for me at FHE and at CU, and is rewarding to be making an impact on these athletes and the future of their health.

Along with our Sports Medicine Services that I get to see and work with, I’ve also been a part of the Forest Hills Public School Foundation for a number of years. I’ve worked with them on organizing and running their Annual Golf outing to raise money for the students throughout Forest Hills. This has been very rewarding as well because I get to see the impact it has on the kids that attend there. As many know, there has been more and more challenges to our public schools based on funding and that is what is great about the Foundation is that it is there to help fund projects and growth opportunities for teachers and students beyond what the State provides. It’s an honor to be a part of that.

We at CPR also get involved in living what we preach. We provide entry fees for a number of races around Grand Rapids each year to encourage healthy lifestyles. Our staff has the ability to attend workout classes in our Academy for Sports and Wellness daily at no cost to them. As a team we love to be active during our lunch breaks, organizing group events to play games, run relay races, or just workout as a staff! We truly believe that exercise is medicine, and we love that our staff shares that passion.

  I am currently serving as an Ambassador for Hope Network’s One in Five Marathon Relay. This is a great event to raise money for mental health awareness and support. The One in Five concept came about because this year one in five adults will suffer from a mental health illness of some kind. That affects all of us either with friend, family, or co-worker. Again, I’m honored to be a part of this event and organization, and proud to have several teams comprised of my CPR co-workers!

On a larger scale, I’ve also been able to give back to the profession of Physical Therapy by serving our State Association, the Michigan Physical Therapy Association in leadership roles. Most recently over the last 6 years I’ve served our profession, but also the public on the Michigan Board of Physical Therapy. For the last 3 years I’ve served as Chair of this Board. I believe very strongly in giving back to our communities and our profession as I am such a believer in what we do and provide for the communities we serve. I’m only 1 person in our company and there are many more people serving within our company and in each of the communities in which we serve.

Thanks for the opportunity to tell you a bit about my adventures and some of what goes into my day each week!

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