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Is Technology A "Pain In The Neck?"

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Text neckTechnology is everywhere. Computers, video games, smart phones, ipods, ipads, and tablets. You name it – it’s all at our fingertips. The advances in technology have been outstanding over the past decade, but so have the rates of neck and back pain. This is already a leader in the largest diagnoses seen in physical therapy. What hasn’t been common in the past is the outrageous number of adolescents who now are in physical therapy because of complaints of back or neck pain.

Let’s think about what the average teenager does nowadays through the week. Let’s take a Monday, for example. Wake up, check their phone for any message they possibly missed through the night. Let’s see, scroll through Kik, Instagram, facebook, twitter, and general text messages. Oh yeah, now it’s time to get ready for school. Once showered (hopefully!) they eat their bowl of cereal, once again starting at their phone on the table with their head in this awful forward bent position. Then they go to school for the next 7 hours sitting in the most horrendous positions in their desk. If they are tall at all, they are already at a disadvantage to how much slumping is required to read and write at their desk. Then they get on the bus, get back to looking at their phones, sit in a horrible posture, walk in the door and “decompress” on their computer or video games! The next several hours they are once again hunched forward and

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Olympic Dreams Come True

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Bekah Olympics 3I am a summer Olympic junkie. I love watching the Olympics, especially swimming, beach volleyball, gymnastics, and track and field events. I also love sports medicine and working with athletes. This year a dream came true as I was able to go the Olympic Training Center (OTC) in Colorado Springs for 2 weeks to treat elite athletes. I was a part of a volunteer team of sports medicine professionals including a chiropractor, physician and massage therapist who came to the Training Center to help the full time staff treat resident and visiting athletes. These athletes are the best of the best, training hard to perform well at many international competitions and hopefully make the Olympic team.

It was a privilege to work with these athletes and become part of their journey to the Olympic Games. During my time at the OTC I provided medical coverage at USA men’s gymnastics practices, which was quite entertaining. It’s not every day you get to see a world class gymnast performing a set on the pommel horse 15 feet from you. I was amazed at what they were able to do.

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Don't Let Vertigo Get You Down!

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How many of you have ever experienced vertigo? How many of you know someone who has fallen because of dizziness? Vertigo and dizziness impact so many people around us. It is an Jessa and Amy Evaluationimportant topic to spread awareness about because it can really affect your quality of life.


  • 90 million Americans go to health care providers because of vertigo, dizziness or balance problems.
  • Dizziness is the second most common complaint heard in doctor's offices, and it will occur in 70% of the nation's population at sometime in their lives.
  • Balance disorders are the number one health complaint of patients over the age of 70.
  • Falls account for 50% of accidental deaths in the elderly, and 10% of falls result in hospitalization.
  • Mild to severe head trauma is a leading risk factor for dizziness.
  • Less than 10% of patients with balance and vestibular disorders are ever evaluated by a specialist.

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Direct Access for Physical Therapy

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As we all begin the year with hopes and dreams of getting healthier, it’s important to know how to understand how to do this the smart way. One of the more common ways to get healthier is to begin a new exercise regimen. When a new CascadeBriananklemobs20ishDUathleteroutine is begun we often hear about people experiencing new aches and pains as a result. Sometimes these are nothing more than muscle soreness from a good workout. Other times there is something occurring that should be addressed by a professional.

Physical Therapists are experts in the musculoskeletal system of the body and now you have the opportunity to see them sooner for those aches and pains.

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