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Fitness Classes & Open Gympay online button 123014

Attendance Option
Single Drop-In
30 Days Unlimited (New Clients Only)
10 Check-In Package
20 Check-In Package
Unlimited Membership
$120.00 ($12.00/check-In)
$200 ($10/check-In)

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Personal Training 

Individual Training Rates
1 Session
5 Sessions
10 Sessions
25 Sessions
60 Minutes Sessions
$60.00 Total
$275.00 Total
$500.00 Total
$1,125.00 Total
30 Minute Sessions
$35.00 Total
$150.00 Total

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TPI Golf Fitness Class

*Classes are held during specific dates

Specialty Class
Pricing Options
Additional Options
Evaluation Package $320

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FAST- Youth Strength & Agility Training

Pricing Option
$120.00/ 8 Sessions
$120.00/ 12 Sessions
Group Size
Maximum of 4
Maximum of 10

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 Return to Play

Visit Length
45 Minutes/session
1-6(max) Appointments

pay online button 123014TPI Golf Fitness

Golf Training Rates
1-2 Sessions
3-5 Sessions
6+ Sessions
60 Minute Sessions
30 Minute Sessions

TPI Golf Evaluations pay online button 123014

TPI Evaluation
Level 1
Level 2
Follow Up Assessment



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